Tanya Ravinski

Since our agency was created almost 15 years ago all of us have worn many hats.

Since 2002, Tanya Ravinski has been agency executive, manager, coordinator, and key administrator.  She also is a main liaison between clients, families, personal care providers, nurses and social workers, as well as government officials on different levels.

Tanya is responsible for hiring, training, supervising and managing personal care aides, nurses, and people who we hire on a temporary basis.  She conducts interviews with prospective clients, family members and caregivers and determines initial eligibility of clients and caregivers. Her proficiency in three languages — Russian, French, and English — is a great asset for the company.

She oversees maintaining adequate records of services provided.

One of her many responsibilities is to oversee compliance with the requirements of CFC regulations and all relevant state, federal and local laws and regulations.  She also works as a liaison between the agency and state and local health departments and agencies.

Her experience comes from working as a social worker in Montgomery County Government for 17 years. As a social worker she used her expert knowledge to establish eligibility and maintain records of clients seeking or receiving benefits under different programs, such as Food Stamps, Medical Assistance, Help for disabled people, Cash assistance for families with children and Refugee assistance.

She has acted as liaison between our agency and customers to resolve various issues, involving representatives from state and local government agencies and the general public. She was present during the appeal hearings and helped parties to understand each other. She also was a liaison between government agencies and JCC of Greater Washington and Gates, Services for New Americans, representing the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services in both formal and informal settings.  She helped people to apply for the Holocaust survivors program. Tanya developed and conducted numerous presentations about the State and Montgomery County benefits in JSSA, Adult Day Care centers and Senior citizen buildings. With her direct involvement, newcomers learned about Montgomery County benefits, rental and energy assistance, waivers for older adults, and free legal services.  They learned where to go to get free meals and free furniture if they needed it.  Even now people call her and say that they will never forget how she helped them and how they appreciate her personal involvement in matters that took place 20 years ago and that they will always appreciate what she has done for them.

Tanya and he husband Sergei have lived in the Rockville, Maryland area since 1992 where they raised their two children. They are proud grandparents of a beautiful granddaughter.  In her free time, Tanya enjoys gardening, reading, travelling, and going to the beach.